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Your pet will be collected directly from your home and delivered to your chosen address. It is the most convenient approach, both for you and your animal. That way you save plenty of time and limit the stress felt by your pet as aresult of the journey, to a complete minimum.


The comfort of your pet is our top priority. Animals are transported by us in air-conditioned units. Pets travel in comfortable containers that are adapted to their sizes. We do our best to make the journey as short as possible, while making sure there are an appropriate number of stops.


We hold all the necessary qualifications, and our vehicles meet all transportationrequirements for the carriage of domestic pets. Our drivers are also pet owners and know how to handle them with confidence and ease. Vehicles and cages are meticulously cleaned and disinfected after every journey, in order to afford your pet the highest level of safety.

International Pet Transport

With so much experience in exporting dogs, cats and birds worldwide you can be confident that all destination requirements will be met in full and that your pet’s welfare is always our absolute priority when planning the journey ahead. We are the pet transport company who are committed to offering pet owners a truly tailor made service based on individual requirements that matches each pet to its best possible travel outcome..

American Air Logistics Movers are truly bespoke and suited to each individual pet, allowing enough space for maximum security and comfort during the journey. Dog travel crates in particular will vary considerably in size, and all pets need enough space to stand up, turn around and lay down during the journey but not too much room as to risk injury if there is turbulence during travel. Each dog, cat and bird travel crate is constructed so to ensure compliance with the latest IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) and so is accepted by all of the major airlines who carry livestock.

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Why Chose Us

Handle the relocation of pets for major removal companies and corporate clients, including many private pet owners who entrust their animals into our care.

Our staff are passionate about what we do and strive to deliver a ‘Trusted Reliability’ to rival all others.

We provide a tracking system that enables your to be able to track and trace your parcel during the shipping process.

Our services are fast and reliable. We ship to all destinations including Africa

We are dedicated to ensuring an efficient service in a timely manner so that your cargo is delivered to schedule and without incident

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